U lekarza, zdrowie i choroba c.d.


appointment – wizyta u lekarza

blood tets – badanie krwi

clean bill of health – pozytywna opinia o stanie zdrowia

drug – lek examination – badanie

medicine – lekarstwo

needle – igła

pill – pigułka

prescription – recepta rash – wysypka

scale – waga

sick note – zwolnienie lekarskie

sore – bolące miejsce, bolacy

stich – szew

symptom – objaw

syringe – strzykawka

syrup – syrop

urgent – pilny


R – Medical clinic. How can I help you?

You – Hi. I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Cavill.

R – Ok, what is your name and chart number?

Y – My name‘s Wiktoria W and if I remember the numer is 4596.

R – Yes, I have it. When would you like to visit D. Cavill?

Y – Can I visit him this Friday?

R – Let me see. Ghere is a slot at two p.m. Does it suit.

Y – I‘m at work until 5 p.m. How about tomorrow in the afternoon?

R – Yes, he‘s a bit busy but would you like to come at 6 p.m.?

Y – That‘s perfect for me!

R – Great! Can you give me your phone number and tell me why you want to see the doctor? 

Y – It‘s 517905923 and I want to have a regular check – up.

R – Thanks, so see you tomorrow at 6 p.m. right? Please bring your insurance card with you. Goodbye.

Y – Thank you very much. Bye!

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