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Rozdział szósty

Chapter six

The Ball


The ballroom in the palace was very big. There were hundreds of men and women dancing in the centre. Along (Naprzód) te walls there were long white tables. They had candles (świece) and all kinds (rodzaje) of food on them (nich).


At the top (szczyt) the room, on a stage were three large chairs. The Queen sat in the middle (środek) and Zigfried sat on her right. The chair on the left was emsty (puste). It was for the Princess who would be Zigfries‘s wife.

„Which Princess do you like the best? (najlepsza)”

The one I will chose is not here yet” (Tą którą wybiorę, jeszcze nie ma)

„But you have met (spełnione) them all surely?” (pewno)

„There is another (inne) one, mother, and she is a suprice. You will see” (Zobaczysz)

Every time a new guest (gość) arrived (przybyć) ballroom doors were opened, and everyone fell silent (cichy). A servent called out the guest’s names as they enterend.

Each time this happened, (Za każdym razem to się stało), the Prince became very excited (podekscytowany). But Odile never arrived. (Ale Odile nie dotarła) It was almost (prawie) twelve o‘clock Zigfried had promised his mother that he would choose (wybierać) a bride (panna młoda) by midnight (północ). The two large doors opened.

„Please, let it be her.”

It was a giant (gigant) cake with 18 candles (świece) on it. Everyone in the room began (rozpoczął) to sing.

„Happy Brithday to you,

Happy Brithday Prince Zigfried,

Happy Brithday to you”

Zigfried his mother walked towards (w kierunku) the enormous (ogromnego) cake.

Now, make a wish and blow out all the candles” (Teraz pomyśl życzenie i zdmuchnij wszystkie świeczki) No one heard (wysłuchany) him, but Zigfried said (wypowiedział)

„I wish Odele would come and by my wife.”

He blew out (wypuścił) the candles (świece) and everyone cheered (wiwatowali)

The doors opened.

„Princess Odile” It was Odet dressed (ubrana) as Odile. She wore a long white dress and long gloves (rękawiczki), The gold crown was shining (lustrzany) on her head. (głowie) She held (trzymała) a bouguet of flowers in her arms. She smiled as she walked towards the Queen the flowers, then bowed (skłonił).

„Mother, this is Odele, the Princess I met in the forest.”

„I know your father, I’m sorry. I thougght everyone had died in the  fire. You must be the onl one who lived.”

Odet did not know what the wizard had done to Odile‘s parents. She stopped smiling.

„Oh Mother, her story it too sad tell. Let us enjoy (cieszyć się) this ewening (wieczór) together (razem). We are her family now.”

„Do you mean (oznaczać) you wish to choose Princess Odile as your wife?”

„Yes, Mother, I do.” The Queen raised (podniosła) her hand for the men to sound (dżwięk) their horns (rogi). Everyone was quiet.

„Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce (ogłosić) the engagement (zaręczyny) of my son, Prince Zigfried. After tonight, he will be the King of this land, and he has chasen (wybrać) Princess Odile to be his wife.”

Zigried and Odet danced together (razem). Everyone around them (im) clapped (klaskali) their hands:

„Odile, I knew you would come. How did you escape (ucieczka) from the evil (złego) wizard?”

„I … I ran away.” (uciekłam)

„And he did not see you?”

The Prince stepped (wszedł) back so he could look Odet‘s eyes.

His heart (serce) sank (zatonął) when (gdy) he saw (zobaczył) those (te) eyes. They looked like Odile‘s, but there was something missing (brakujący) in them (im).

He didn‘t love her. Odet began (rozpoczął) to lie (kłamstwo) about her escape (ucieczce) from Rocford.

I saw (Widziałam) a falling (spadającą) star (gwiazdę) in the sky (nieba) I closed my eyes and made (zrobiony) a wish. When I opened them, I was in a carriage (przewóz) pulled (pociągnął) by horses (konie). That‘s how I got here. I must mean we were meant to be to gether. Oh. Zigfried, tell me you will love me forever.”

He held (trzymany) her close, because he did not want to look in her eyes. He knew he had loved. Odile when he had seen (widziany) her.

Now he didn‘t know. He thought there must be something wrong (źle) him.

„Odile, I promise always to love ou and never leave (opuszczać) you.”

Rozdzial piaty

Chapter five

Odet’s Nev Voice

zmiana Odile

The wizard entered (wszedl) Odele’s room with Odet. Odet was the same age (ten sam wiek) and height (wzrost) as Odele, but she had dark hair. However (Jednak), she wasn‘t as beautiful as Odile, and this made her very jealous (zawistna). The wizard spoke (mowil) first.

„Sit down, Odile. I would like to ask you something (cos).” The wizard waved (wskazal) his hand a large and very comfortable (wygodny) pink chair appeared. Odile sat on it.

„Odet tell (powiedziala) me that you would like to go to ball tonight. Is that true? (Czy to prawda?)”

„I have told (powiedziec) you, I will only marry a man who loves me and who I love”

„But you know I love you”

„If you loved me, you wouldn‘d have keep me locked up (zamykasz) in the castle. You wouldn‘d have killed my parents”

„You are a fool (glupia)! Would you like to marry the Prince? Is that it? ”

„He loves me more than (niz) you do”

„How do you know? (Skad wiesz?) He left you here with me. (Zostawil cie tu ze mna) That shows you that wrong (zle). He is afraid (przestraszyl sie) of me. He can‘t love you very much if he is afraid.”

He did if for me! (Zrobil to dla mnie) I asked him to do it. (Prosilam go aby to zrobil)”

„And did you tell (powiedzialas) him that you would go to the ball?”


„Then you lied. (Wtedy kłamał) You knew I would not let you go” (Wiedział, że nie pozwolę Ci odejść)

„I said I would try. He knows that if I do not go it not because I do not want to” (On wie, że jeśli nie przyjdę, to nie dlatego, że nie chcę)

And how does he know this? (A skąd to wie?)”

„You do not have to cast a spell on someone or make them rich to love you. You understand it by looking in their eyes. You know it by the way they speak and act” „You are dreamer!” (marzyciel)

And you have no heart” (I nie masz serca)


The wizard raised both (oba) his arms and the castle shook. The curtain on the wall feel down, and the wizard saw the bird in the cage.

„Ah, the bird”

„If you hurt that bird you are worse (gorzej) than I thougt”

The bird flew wildly (dziko) as the wizard walked towards it. (Ptak przeleciał dziko jak czarodziej podszedł do niego) He picked up the cage. (Podniósł klatkę)

„Now, why would I hurt (zranić) this bird? It is like me. It has no heart. It does not feel anything when I do this.”

The wizard pointed his fingers at Odet. (Czarodziej wskazal palcami na Odet) She changed (zmieniona) intu Odile. She had the same blonde hair, the same eyes. She was even (nawet) wearing the crown. (Była nawet w koronie) Odile stood up. (Odile wstała)

„Tonight, Odet will go the ball as (jak) you, Odile. Zigfried will marry her and we will see what true love is. Your hearts are nothing compared (porównał) to my magic”

„You may look like me Odet, but there is something missing (brakujący) from your eyes. The prince will know this”

„He does not love you Odile. He only loves what you look like” (On tylko kocha twój wygląd)

„I almost (prawie) forgot!” (zapomniłem)

The wizard waved his hand.

„Odet, say something”

When Odet spoke (powiedziła), she sounded (dźwięk) just (zaledwie) like Odile.

„Hello, Prince Zigfried. It‘s me, Odile. I love you”

Odile ran her bed, crying. She fell on the bed and covered (nakryła) her face. Rocford laughed (śmiał się) loudly (głośno) He took Odet out of the room and locked (zamknął) the door behind (za) him. When Odile looked up, only the bird was with her. It too had a tear (łza) in its eye.

Rozdzial czwarty

Chapter four

A bird in a cage (Ptaszek w klatce)

ptaszek w klatce

Odile‘s room was at the top (gora) of the castle (zamek) tower (wieza). Rocford had put her there, afrer (po) he had taken her from her parents (rodzice).

She was the most beautiful Princess in the land, (Byla najpiekniejsza ksiezniczka na ziemi) and her (jej) parents were good and kind. (jej rodzice byli dobrzy i mili) Rocford had asked her father if he could marry Odile. (Zapytal ojca, czy moglby poslubic Odile)

„We must ask my daughterwhat she thinks” Odile was brought (przyniesc) to the wizard.

„Odile, this man lias asked to marry you. He says (mowi) he is very rich and that he will make you the happiest (szczesliwa) princess in the world (swiecie) What do you think?” 

Odile looked into the wizard‘s eyes.

Do you promise (obiecujesz) to love me forever, with all your heart? (Obiecujesz kochac mnie na zawsze z calego serca) Will you love me so much that you will not think of what you want, even if it hurts (boli) you to do this?”

The look in her eyes and her questions made Rocford uncomfortable. (niewygodne)

„Why do you ask me such (takie) questions? I told (powiedzialem) your father I could give everything you could want”

The Princess smiled and turned her head (glowa) away.

„I‘m sorry Father, but I will not marry this man. He does not know what love is.”

They did not know then that he was a wizard. (Nie wiedzieli wtedy, ze byl czarodziejem) Rocford had looked like a Prince. (Rocford wygladal jak ksiaze) He were beautiful clother (odziez) and locked very handsome.

But, when (gdy) he heard (wysluchal) what Odile said (powiedziala) to hew father gis face began (rozpoczal) to change. (zaczela sie zmieniac) It became (stal) old and ugly. His clothes changed from blue to black.

„You do not know you are saying (mowilem), you silly (glupia) girl. I do not have to ask for what I want. (Nie musze prosic o to co chce) I am a wizard, and I can do anything I please”

He waved (pomachal) his hands through the air (powietrze), and a fire stanted in the castle where te Princess and her parents lived. He had turned Odie into a small bird in a cage (klatka) and carried (nosic) to his castle where he locked (zamknal) her up in a tower.

The entire (cale) kingdom was destroyed (zniszczone) by this fire, and her parents were killed (zabic). (Cale krolestwo zostalo zniszczone przez ten ogien, a jej rodzice zgineli)

The was a real bird in a bahe in Odile‘s room at the wizard‘s castle. The wizard had put it there so that Odile would remember the power (wladza, kontrola) he had over (nad) her.

He only let leave the castle as a swan because (poniewaz) he did not want other (drugi) men to fall in love with her.

At night (w nocy), she stayed (przebywala) in her (swoim) room talking (mowila) to the bird, who was her onlu friend. She called the bird. Patrice, because (bo) it was her mother‘s name.

„Oh Patrice, what should I do? The ball is tonigh, and I am a prisoner (wiezien) here. I believe (wierze) the Prince loves me with all his heart. I saw (widzialam) it in his eyes. He loved me even (nawet) as a swan.”

The bird began (zaczal) moving (ptak ruszyl) its wings wildly (dziko). It always knew when something horrible (obrzydliwy) was about to happen (wydarzyc sie).

What is it Patrice, what are you afraid of?” (Co to jest Patrice, czego sie boisz?)

Odile heard (wysluchala) keys in her locked (zamkniete) door. She put the bird and its cage behind (za) a curtain (zaslona), because she did not want the bird to see what was about to happen. (Wlozyla ptaka i jego klatke za zaslone, poniewaz nie chciala aby ptak zobaczyl co sie stalo)

Rozdzial trzeci Odet

jezioro labedzie

Chapter three



Zigfried left, and Odile went (poszla) inside (w srodku) the costle (zamek). Odet, the wizard’s evil daughter (corka), was behind (za) a tree (drzewem).


When she saw (widziec) Odile talking (rozmawiala) to the Prince, she was jealous (zawistna, zazdrosna)she wanted to go to the ball, and what was more, (i co wiecej) she wanted to marry the Prince.

She didn‘t like Odile, bicause she was so beautiful and kind. (zyczliwa) But the wizard loved her, so Odet couldn’t do anything to hurt (zranic) her until now! (az do teraz)

Odet went (poszla) to the wizard‘s room, but he not there. The room looked like a museum. (Pokoj wygladal jak muzeum) There was an Egyptian statue against (przeciwko) one wall and large (wielkie) aquariums (akwarium) full of strange (dziwne) fish.

On a table stood many different (inny) coloured bottles. Smoke (dym) came out of it. It smelled (zapach) of burning (plonacy) wood. (drewno)


The magic owl flew into the open window, unseen (niespotykany) by Odet, and changed (zmieniony) back into the wizard.

„Do you like the smell?”

„Oh, Father! You scared (przestraszyles) me.”

„You wouldn‘t be afraid (przestraszylem) if you were not in my room when I wasn‘t here.”

„I know father, but I have something very important (wazny) to tell you. It‘s about Odile.”

The wizard opened his eyes wide (szeroko). He was tall man, with a long white beard and long, white hair.

He wore (nosil) a big black hat (kapelusz) and a long black robe (szate) with stars (gwiazdy) on it.

„Tell me what you know!”

„First, you must promise (obiecac) to do something for me.”

„What is it?”

„I can‘t tell you now. First, I must tell you about Odile, then I will ask for something. Will you do it?”

„Tell me, before I turn you into a frog!”


The wizard was very much in love witf Odile. He would change (zmienic) his daughter into a frog because (poniewaz) he wanted know about Odele.

„Today, I saw (widzialam) Odile talking to Prince Zigfried. The Prince asked Odile to go to the royal ball tonight. He wants to marry her and free her from your evil powers” (zlych mocy)

The wizard turned (obrocil sie) in a circle (kolko) and pointed his hand at the floor. Fire (ogien) came from his fingers and hit (uderzyl) the floor. The whole (caly) castle (zamek) shook. (potrzasnal)

„I should have destroyed (zniszczony) the Prince today, when I saw him with Odile” (Powinienem zniszczyc ksiecia dzisiaj, kiedy zobaczylem go z Odile)

„You saw him, too?”

„Yes, at the lake. I attacked (atak) him (jego), but I was only an owl. Odile know (wiedziala) this and she left him. He must have followed (nastepnie) her here.”

„Oh yes Father, and he is so handsome! (przystojny) You should see his face!”

Silence!” (cisza)

The wizard turned himself into a large, stone tall. He threw (rzucil) himself against (przeciwko, wbrew) the walls, making the castle shake again.

Alone in her (jej) room, Odile felt (czula) the castle shaking. Shi hid her head under (pod) a pillow (poduszke) on her (jej) bed; she hated (znienawidzony) it when the wizard got angry (zly).

The wizard changed (zmieniony) back into himself in his room.

„No Father, you promised (obiecal) you‘d do something for me.”

„I never promised you anything.!”

„Oh Father. I want to go to the ball! I want to marry the prince.”

The wizard angrily (ze zloscia) raised (wzniesiony) his hand (dlon) again. Then (nastepnie), he trought of something. (Nastepnie pomyslal o czyms).

„You would like to go to the ball, wouldn‘t you?”

„Oh yes, Father”

„And you would like to marry the prince?”

„Yes, I would”

„Then you will, and he will think that you are Odile”

„Oh Father, what a wonderful (wspanialy) idea!” 

She put her arms around (dookola) him. His (jego) body (cialo) was cold as stone, and his eyes were filled (wypelnione) with fire.

Rozdzial drugi The beautiful Princess

jezioro labedzie

Chapter two

The beautiful Princess


On the morning (rano) of the Royal Ball, evrybody (wszyscy) was very busy in the palace.

The Queen‘s maids (pokojowka) were preparing (przygotowywala) the Queen‘s dress. The servants (sluzba domowa) cleaned the floors and windows, and the cook were enough (wystarczajaco) food for thousand people.

The prince looked handsome (przystojny) in his red outfit (ubior). But he was still (nieruchomy) not happy.

He left the palace to be alone (sam) and think (myslec) went to the stone statue of Ozlowe.

„It‘s my brithday Ozlowe. I‘m eighteen. That means (sposob) that I must marry someone and bicome King. (Oznacza to, ze musze poslubic kogosi zostac krolem) The problem is I don‘t want to get (dostac) married; (Problemem jest, ze nie chce sie zenic). I don‘t love anyone” (Nie kocham nikogo)

na j labedz

The was quiet (cichy) splashing (plusk) in the lake. Zigfried looked and saw the beautiful swan with the gold crown. (Zigfried spojrzal i zobaczyl pieknego labedzia ze zlota korona)

„The it is! The beautiful swan has come back” (Piekny labadz wrocil) He went closer to the water to look at it. (Podszedl blizej wody na to popatrzec) Its  eyes had the same sadness (smutek) in them, but is was happy to see Zigfried and it swam close to him.

Zigfried looked into its eyes and talded to it. (Zigfried spojrzal mu w oczy i mowil do niego)

„I think you understand me. I think you know how people feel” (Mysle, ze wiesz jak ludzie czuja)

A tear (lza) feel from the swan‘s eye. (Lza spadla z oczu labedzia)

„Don‘t cry. You should be happy that you are swan. (Powinnas byc szczesliwa, ze jestes labedziem) You will never to marry someone you do not love. (Ty nigdy nie bedziesz musiala poslubic kogos kogo nie kochasz) You will never feel sad when someone dies (umrzec)” (Nigdy nie bedzie ci smutno, kiedy ktos umiera)

The swan made a loud (glosny) cry. Its wings (skrzdla) moved back and foth (na przod, dalej) at its sides (strona) suddenly (nagle) and owl (sowa) appeared (pojawila sie) as if from nowhere (nigdzie) and flew (latac) at Zigfried‘s head (glowa), but is mussed (chybic). The owl flew off, (Sowa odleciala) and the swan began (zaczal) to swim away.

Wait! (Zaczekaj) Don‘t leave” (Nie zostawiaj)

Zigfried run round the edge (brzeg) of the lake, following (nastepny) the swan. He had to run fast to see where it went. (Musial dzialac szybko, aby zobaczyc, gdzie to poszlo)

Soon, he was in a part of the forest (las) he did not know.

stary zamek

Tall (wysokie) trees (drzewa) blocked out the sun. It was very dark. The swan swam to an ugly old castle (zamek) When it left water (Kiedy to opuscil wody), something magical happened; (stalo sie cos magicznego) the swan turned into a beautiful Princess. She had long blonde hair and she ware a long dress. The crown was still (jeszcze) on her head.

Zigfried ran where she stood (stac) at the castle (zamek) door.

„Wait! Where are you going?”

The Princes stopped, but she did not look at him.

„Look at me, please. My name is Prince Zigfried and want to know who you are”

The Princes turned to look at the Prince. She had the same dark, sad (smutne) eyes of the swan.

„My name is Princess Odile”

But why were you a swan? (Ale dlaczego bylas labedziem?) Why do you look so sad?”


„An evil (zly, nikczemny) wizard (czarodziej) called Rocford cast (rzucil) a spell on me. I may only leave the castle during (w czasie) the day as a swan”

„Where is this wizard? I will talk to him. (Porozmawiam z nim) I will tell him this is wrong” (Powiem mu, ze to jest zle)

No, you mustn‘t (Nie, nie musisz) He will hurt (znanic) you, I know. He does not want me to see another (inne) man”

Tell me (Powiedz mi)where this man is! I will fight (walczyc) him and free you.”

„No, you must leave (wychodzic) Hi is dangerous (niebezpieczny)”

I won‘t leave until see him; (Nie odejde dopoki go nie zobacze) You must be set free” (Musisz byc uwolniona)

„Plese. You are very kind (zyczliwy), but you must go away (stad)”

„I won‘t!”

She looked into his eyes again.

„If you want to do samething for me, you will leave (wyjdz) now.”

„Odile, I will leave if you want me to. But I want you to ceme to the ball tonight. I must choose (wybrac) a wife and I want to choose you”

„I can‘t. The wizard won‘t let me. (nie pozwoli mi)

Find a way. (Znajdz droge) Promise (obiecaj) me you‘ll try (probowac).”

She spoke (mowila) softly (lagodnie).

„All right (W porzadku) I‘ll try. (Sprobuje)”